Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paracord Lanyard: How to make and what you need

Paracord Lanyard

Today lanyards are used for tons of purposes from business to education. Making your own 550LB paracord lanyard can help prepare you for an emergency situation along with make a durable stylish lanyard to replace your current lanyard. 

Paracord Lanyard

Great animated instructions for making a paracord lanyard are available at paracord.flaresoftware.com. You can learn to make the lanyard by using one 5 foot strand of paracord. You first fold the strand in half and slide a keyring into the middle. You then make a few classic cobra weave layers and finish by singeing(melting) the ends. You can make a paracord lanyard any size that you want by following this simple process.

The Paracord and Paracord SD iOS apps also feature great instructions for making a paracord lanyard. 


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